Drawing Ideas Easy Step by Step

Drawing Ideas Easy

Drawing skill is not always inborn to many people. Since our school days, we are ever forced to have it to make family portraits and others for class. There are still many people who can’t do it despite being a requirement.

Finding easy drawing ideas is, paradoxically, quite hard for some. Be it for school, work, relaxation, or fun; sometimes, you don’t have the right drawing idea. Don’t worry about it; it happens to all of us. If you can’t find the right image to draw upon, then why not follow these steps?

Things to Draw When You’re Out of Ideas


Look around you

A chain on a table

Your environment is chock full of items that you can draw on your sketchpad. Do you see a colorful thing in your surroundings? For example, you might have some houseplants lying about, or maybe you have a beautiful vase there.

You might even find an idea by looking at your pet. What you should remember is that everything can become an idea for your drawing. Even the cup of coffee in front of you can become an inspiration.

Look at what you have on you

If your environment is not giving you enough inspiration, then look at what you currently have on; you might be enough for easy drawing ideas. It just might be enough to stir your creative juices. For example, look at the shoes that you are wearing. Maybe those shoes had been with you for years through thick and thin, or perhaps you just bought them yesterday.

What you should focus on is what you feel about these shoes. Maybe you remember the joy that you had felt when you bought these at your latest shopping spree or despair that your shoes are too worn down. What matters is that you think something enough to give you an idea of what you want to draw.

Use your emotions

If observing is not suited for you, then you should stop looking outward and start delving inward. Use your emotions, memories, or experiences to create ideas. One such method would be word association, where you think of a random word, and you spontaneously think of other words or images connected to the word. Another is thinking of emotion, and focusing on what makes you feel that emotion. There is no shortage of possible ideas through this method.


While looking for easy drawing ideas is hard, you should remember that there are many ways to look for inspiration. You just need to observe so you can get what you want. Be free about it because it is everywhere.

Above all else, make sure that the idea does not make you view the act of drawing as a burden. Do not stress out yourself because you will block your thoughts more. It should come to you freely so that it will be more natural.

Begin with some doodles and let your thoughts grow to something more. Begin doing it now.

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